Connecticut Green Bank
Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development

Now, through the Energy On the Line program, Connecticut manufacturing facility owners may be eligible for up to $40,000 in grant money when working with C-PACE to implement green energy upgrades. Grant money can be used for any project-related expenses at the sole discretion of individual recipients (i.e. capital improvements, additional equipment, cash flow optimization, etc.).

limited number of grant opportunities may still be available to manufacturing facilities on a first come, first served basis.

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Energy on the Line Informational Sheet

C-PACE helps you take control of your energy usage. Program participants benefit from:

  • Reduced energy costs and an increased bottom line, freeing businesses to focus their attention and resources on core concerns

  • Predictable, trustworthy energy savings projections, a result of the Connecticut Green Bank’s rigorous technical standards

  • Support from the Green Bank and its program partners in developing projects that are custom tailored to each businesses’ needs

PROJECT: 252 kW solar photovoltaic system; energy efficient lighting

“There’s no state like Connecticut right now in the way we are financing renewable energy projects. And that’s really C-PACE.”

InSports Center

PROJECT: VFDs on pumps and chillers, fan powered VAV boxes, new cooling towers, data center retrofit, new direct digital control for HVAC, new chillers

“Energy efficiency is always something we strive for, but due to the size and scope of this particular project, it would not have been possible without C-PACE.”

Forstone Capital
(left in image above)

PROJECT: 157 kW roof mounted solar photovoltaic system

“In business, win-win opportunities don’t come very often. [C-PACE] was a no brainer..”

Shagbark Lumber

PROJECT: 55 kW roof mounted solar photovoltaic system

“The C-PACE program allowed me to access low-cost and long-term financing to further support our desire to deploy solar energy and stabilize our energy costs over the longterm.”

Crest Mechanical

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